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Sometime in 1987, in faraway Assen, in The Netherlands, I had a dream, where I saw myself playing and caring for a lot of little children. In the dream they were healthy and happy and this dream continued over the next thirty years. I didn't take this to mean anything at first as I have a natural love for children, regardless of who they are or their physical status.

During those years, I provided, sponsored and organised parties for children living around me, especially the Special Needs children.

One day one of our Senior Pastors in Living Faith Church, Ewu, called me to his office and told me he noticed that I am very good with kids, why don't I start a school. I protested and gave all sorts of reasons why this will not be possible but he persisted. As at that time I was running a Guest House on this present location. He said a school, not a guest house was what God wanted me to run. If I agree to it God will take care of the rest. He prayed with me for God's revelation.

For the next few months I prayed and asked God for His Leading and this He (God) did. 



Not Long after, my Best Friend, my life partner, my husband shocked me one day by saying, "How about closing down the Guest House and turning it into a school.  This we did and started the process in 2007. 

On the 15th of September, 2008, Haven of Light Schools, came into being.

We started with Nursery 1 and 2 and Primary 1, a Head-teacher with six classroom teachers, three pupils, six 2-seater desks and chairs for the Primary Classes and six 2-seater chairs and tables for the Nursery Classes.

For the next three years the number of pupils was not encouraging as the highest number of entrants was 28 pupils. Several times I asked myself if indeed I had gotten the vision from God but my husband and my Pastor kept encouraging me with this passage from the bible: Habakuk 2:3; "For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it will speak, it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; But it will surely come, it will not tarry." This I patiently did.



Today the story is different. The number has grown to 141 pupils, a staff strength of 25 persons. We have 24 classrooms, an equipped DayCare Center, Playgroup class, Nursery 1-3 classes and Primary 1-6 classes. There is also the Computer Lab with internet connectivity, the Library, the Home Economics room, an Olympic size Table Tennis board and a Tennis Court. 

To God be all the glory Haven of Light has sat for The First School Leaving Certificate Examination, four times and the result has been on Merit Level at least 96%. This year one of our pupils sat for the Federal Collage examination and got 94%.

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