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It is our wish that your child will be happy at Haven of Light Schools. The school has a fine tradition of academic success and high expectations of our pupils in terms of personal achievement. We believe that young people are happier and more confident in a secure environment where they know that they are supported in meeting their goals.


Haven of Light Schools' success is based on the philosophy of ‘Achieving Our Personal Best’, focusing on advancement and values which reflect our determination to move forward in an ever-changing world, while sustaining the Christian values for which the school is renowned. It is the balance between old and new, stability and change, which enables Haven of Light Schools to prepare young people so well for the future.


The school aims to develop fully the talents of every pupil by providing a broad and balanced curriculum and a wide range of social, cultural and recreational opportunities. We regard education as an ongoing process of personal development and individual fulfilment, and we strive to nurture within each child a passion for life-long learning that extends far beyond the boundaries of Haven of Light School.


The school sees itself as the heart and focal point of the local community, dedicated to providing first class educational opportunities. We are committed to working together in partnership with our pupils, parents and the wider community we seek to serve.


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